A Glass Of Celery Juice Lowers Hypertension, Sugar, Reduces Arthritis And Gout Pain Almost Instantly

celery juice
It’s time to celebrate the unsung vegetable: celery. A member of the Umbelliferae family, Celery is known for its ability to grow to the height of up to 16 inches. Its ribs are crunchy and are usually used to make salad or soup. Celery has a salty taste, which means that celery juice is an amazing mix with the sweeter fruit juices. So, let me tell you more about celery and its incredible power!

Nutritional Benefits

The leaves of celery are rich in vitamin A, while its stems are a great source of vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, potassium, calcium, magnesium, folate, phosphorus, iron, sodium, and essential amino acids. Celery juice provides a high amount of fiber which aids bowel movements. Celery contains natural organic sodium (salt) which is extremely important for our body. Sodium in celery is completely safe even for people who are salt-sensitive. This salt is not like the table salt which can be very harmful to individuals with high blood pressure.

Health Benefits

Celery has always been related to the lowering of blood pressure. Combined with other juices, celery can provide numerous other benefits and treat various conditions.

According to recent studies, celery can effectively fight even cancer

Some of the health benefits of celery juice:


This super-healthy juice contains important minerals that can balance the body’s blood pH, which in turn neutralizes acidity.


With its rich minerals, celery replaces lost electrolytes and rehydrates the body, so this juice can be used as a great post-workout drink.

Blood Pressure: 

Celery contains organic sodium which has the ability to reduce blood pressure. The regular consumption of this juice can lower your blood pressure. This juice contains Phthalides, a compound known for its ability to relax the muscles around the arteries, dilating the vessels and allowing blood to flow normally. In order to obtain the best results, you should drink this juice for 1 week, make a break for 3 weeks then repeat again.


Celery contains at least 8 families of anti-cancer compounds, including acetylenic that can prevent the growth of tumor cells. It is packed with phenolic acids which block the action of prostaglandins that encourage the growth of tumor cells. Coumarins are known for their ability to prevent free radicals from damaging cells.


It is scientifically shown that this juice can lower total cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Colon and stomach cancer:  

The phytochemical coumarins found in celery can effectively prevent the formation and development of stomach and colon cancer.


Celery provides a natural laxative effect and can relieve constipation. Moreover, it relaxes nerves that have been overworked by laxatives.


In the hot summer days, drink a glass of celery juice 2-3 times a day, between your meals. This will significantly normalize your body temperature.


As we said before, celery juice is an excellent source of potassium and sodium. This juice can stimulate urine production and regulate body fluid, so it can aid in the eliminating of excess fluid.


Celery is packed with polyacetylene, which can relieve all inflammation, including gout, asthma, bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis.

Kidney function:  

Celery can effectively eliminate the toxins from the body, thus improve kidney function. Moreover, it has the ability to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Nervous system:  

Celery juice contains organic alkaline minerals which have a calming effect on the nervous system. So, it is highly recommended for people who have insomnia.

Weight loss: 

It is recommended to drink celery juice on a daily basis. This will help curb your cravings for rich food and sweets.

Urinary stones, breaking of:  

Celery juice has diuretic properties, so it is very beneficial for breaking and eliminating gall bladder stones.

Consumption Tips

If possible, always opt for green celery. The ribs should be still firm, not limp. Keep celery in a plastic bag or a sealed container and store it in the fridge. Make sure not to keep it at room temperature for too long because it can wilt quickly.


Celery produces its own “pesticide” to protect itself from fungi. This protective layer is known as psoralens. Even though it provides protection to celery, many people will not be able to go so down well with it. If you experience skin problems after eating celery, this may mean that you are sensitive to psoralens. Some individuals with low blood pressure claim that celery makes their blood pressure even lower.

So, if you have low blood pressure, make sure to avoid celery. However, it all depends on the person, so it is very important to listen to your body when you take celery!

15 Things That Should Not Be Refrigerated

There are certain items that should not be stored in the refrigerator. You have to be very careful because when refrigerated, they can change their texture or their flavor can be lessened. There are some cases when the condensation from the refrigerator can make them spoil faster. So, keep reading and find out more which 15 things you should never store in the refrigerator!


Tomatoes should not be refrigerated because this will change their flavor and their texture. The University of Florida explains that the flavor of a tomato is a result of an interaction between acids, sugars, and various volatile compounds.


You should keep the honey at room temperature because in the fridge it will crystallize and thicken faster.


If kept in the fridge, garlic will sprout and grow mold!


Keeping coffee in the fridge can make the coffee lose its flavor and absorb the odors in the fridge.


Bread gets dry and hard if kept in the fridge. You can freeze it to make it last or keep it in a paper bag with a cloth towel around it.

Hot Sauce

You can store the hot sauce in your cabinet for up to 3 years!


When refrigerated, onions get moldy and mushy

Basil and other herbs

These should not be kept in the fridge because they will wilt and absorb other odors.


If kept in the fridge, melons can lose their antioxidants


Keeping potatoes in the refrigerator can affect their flavor. They will become gritty and dried out.


Make sure to always keep hard liquor at room temperature!


The extreme cold (or heat) can diminish their performance

Nail Polish

Olive oil

Olive oil should be stored in a cool, dark place. You should not keep it in the fridge because it will condense and get a butter-like consistency.


7 Natural Ways To Quit Smoking! Try Them Now!

quit smoking
Do you know how smoking affects your body and your health? Well, it is worse than you can imagine!

This terrible habit takes the leading place on the list of extremely harmful habits, together with alcoholism and taking medications. It is estimated that 90% of lung cancer cases may kill as much as 50% of the active smokers.

In fact, the negative impact on our health is because one cigarette contains 7000 dangerous ingredients. It includes tobacco, arsenic, carbon monoxide, butane and glass particles, all of which can significantly harm your lungs.

By inhaling these chemical substances, you are burning up the lung area, which in turn leads to issues like pulmonary disease and lung cancer.

What is more, the accumulated plaque in the arterial blood vessels can lead to cardiac arrest, stroke, and cardiovascular failure.

The nicotine found cigarettes can increase the amounts of cortisol in the blood along with the amounts of DHEA hormone.

This weakens your immune system and makes your body prone to numerous diseases and conditions. Smoking can also increase your risk of diabetes, insomnia, dementia, osteoporosis, and infertility.

Nicotine is known as a very addictive compound. When it passes the blood-brain wall, it induces the launch of dopamine and causes enjoyable feelings.

The craving is extremely powerful due to the depletion of important nutrition in the body (vitamin C, ubiquinol, beta-carotene and alpha-linoic acid) that are responsible for neutralizing free radicals.

Food is the best way to replenish the amount of these vitamins and minerals since vitamins can’t allow you to get rid of smoking cigarettes!

Even though it may be difficult to quit smoking, we have some effective and natural methods that will be of great help:

1. Magnesium

Magnesium has the ability to decrease your nicotine addiction. It minimizes its impact on the NMDA receptors known to trigger the discharge of dopamine.

In this way, magnesium can reduce the fulfillment of cigarette smoking, helping you give up this terrible habit.

2. Physical Exercise

As many studies claim, routine workouts can help you reduce your need for cigarettes in short-term, which in turn will help you in the long term.

3. Acupuncture

This ancient method is extremely beneficial for reducing your tobacco urges. It works by placing needles at some points in the chest and the mouth.

4. Lime

Lime has a rich content of antioxidant and vitamin C. So, whenever you desire a smoke just reach for a lime. This will reduce your cravings!

5. Mindfulness

Some experts claim that you can conquer the dependency by remaining seated through hard situations for example cigarette urges.

6. Olfactory Training

According to a recent study, exposing smokers to the odor of cigarettes, fish and ruined eggs during the stage two of REM sleep can be of significant help, making them quit smoking.

7. Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a great way for treating various issues and harmful habits, besides smoking. It enables you to bypass specific stages of reality by getting you into a transformed state of awareness.

In this way, you will be motivated to follow hints from an exterior source. It will relate smoking to uncomfortable stimuli, thus helping you to stop this unhealthy habit.

Cleanse Your Pancreas, Liver And Kidneys With This One Ingredient!

coriander healthy life youtube
In order to be able to function properly, our body needs a cleanse from time to time. If you want a natural and affordable therapy to cleanse your kidneys, liver, pancreas, and other internal organs, this is it!
The main ingredient of this remedy is coriander.

You probably have used this herb in cooking and you are not familiar with the fact that coriander possesses potent healing properties and it is packed with powerful compounds that can treat different health problems.

Health Benefits of This Remedy:

* Regulates blood sugar
* Prevents eye problems
* Cures kidney issues
* Regulates cholesterol
* Boosts the function of the liver
* Eliminates fat
* Treats infections and bacteria
* Helps with pink eye symptoms

This completely natural remedy will effectively clean your pancreas and dissolve kidney stones. The method of preparation is very easy and simple.

Just mix sliced coriander and parsley and add water in order to cover up the sliced leaves. Boil the mixture for 10 minutes. Remove the chlorophyll and let it cool down.

Pour the liquid in a bottle and place it in  the fridge. It is recommended to drink 1 glass on a daily basis.

Within a short period of time, you will experience significant improvements. Your pee will start to change and you will get rid of the accumulated toxins.

In this way, you will be able to cleanse your system!

A Treatment With 5 Natural Foods To Say Goodbye To Fatty Liver

fatty liver
Fatty liver refers to the accumulation of triglycerides inside the liver cells. This accumulation occurs as a result of excess weight and insulin resistance, which results in a metabolic syndrome.

Because of all these disorders, the fat accumulates in the liver cells. The liver is not able to process it effectively, which in turn leads to fatty liver.

A diet that includes food which contains excess fats combined with other issues can trigger fatty liver.

There are also other factors that can lead to this problem, including excessive alcohol consumption, insulin resistance, excess weight, hereditary metabolic disorders, toxins and certain drugs that affect the proper function of the liver.

There are not present specific symptoms, especially in the first phase. In most cases, people often start feeling mild abdominal discomfort and constant tiredness.

When it comes to fatty liver, this organ increases in size. By doing a simple review and palpation of the abdomen, your doctor will be able to detect it.

In order to treat this problem, you will also need to change some habits. Some of the main factors are decreased alcohol intake, triglyceride reduction, weight loss, and diabetes control.

We also have some natural ingredients that can help you to clean the fatty liver.

1. Artichokes:

Artichokes contain kinarin, a bioflavonoid that can recover liver cells, thus regenerate the liver. Besides using the vegetable, you can also prepare infusions with its stems and leaves.

Artichoke juice is very beneficial for cleansing the liver. If you decide to use it in infusions, it is recommended to drink 3 cups a day.

2. Chard:

This vegetable is extremely nutritious and it has high amounts of vitamins. Iron is the main mineral component in this vegetable.

It is known for having a great rejuvenating and depurative effect on the liver. Moreover, it contains fiber, magnesium and potassium which have the ability to fight constipation.

3. Ginger:

When it comes to cleansing the body and liver in particular, the effectiveness of ginger is well-known. It is an excellent source of antioxidants which can cleanse the organs and lower triglycerides (one of the main causes of fatty liver.

You can easily prepare an infusion. Just grate 2 tablespoons of ginger. You can also incorporate it in the same way in soups or salads.

4. Grapefruit:

When it comes to the liver system, most citrus fruits are known for their various benefits. Grapefruit contains naringenin which has the ability to active the chemicals responsible for the oxidation of fatty acids.

Moreover, it can reduce body fat and the metabolic syndrome responsible for fatty liver.

5. Radishes:

Radishes can deflate bile, thus benefit the liver. They are also known as an excellent detoxifier.  You can add them into salads or prepare them into juices to which you can add a teaspoon of honey.

As you can see, all of these natural remedies are extremely effective when it comes to protecting your liver. They will eliminate the toxins that cause fatty liver disease.

Moreover, it is extremely important to follow healthy habits and consume foods low in fat content. Make sure to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol as well!

Pineapple Water Recipe to Reduce Joint Pain, Inflammation, and Body Weight

pineapple water
Your body is consisted of 60% water, so you should drink plenty of it throughout the day.

Water is essential for your digestion, circulation, absorption and transportation of important nutrients in your body. In other words, it’s crucial for every process that happens in the body.

Even though you know you should drink plenty of water, sometimes you just wish it had a taste or flavor. So, for that purpose, we present you three simple recipes to give your water a boost of flavor and nutrients.

In that way, you will surely drink more water daily.

#1 Pineapple and Fennel Digestive Teaser

The enzyme bromelain gives pineapple powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It speeds up the healing process and relieves pains and aches in your body.

In a combination with fennel, pineapple helps calm the digestive system. One study from 2010 showed that drinking pineapple juice on a daily basis reduces colon inflammation in mice.

Another study from 2015 discovered that drinking 200ml of this juice daily helps alleviate symptoms of asthma and lowers weight.

* Half a cup of pineapple chunks
* 8 cups of hot water
* 1 tsp. of fennel seeds

After washing a whole pineapple, remove the skin and cut the flesh into chunks. Then, put the chunks into the hot water and let them stay until the water cools.

Next, add the fennel seeds and let it to stay overnight. The next morning, strain the seeds, or even better, chew them for even better results.

#2 Lemon, Cucumber, and Mint Water Full of  Vitamin C

All three ingredients are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C. Cucumber’s peel  is abundant in minerals, whereas the flesh is full of vitamin C and the anti-inflammatory caffeic acid.

Besides high amounts of vitamin C, lemons contain lemonin and flavonoids which enhance cells’ strength and help the natural detox process.

Last but not least, mint is a great flavor-enhancer which contains the potent antioxidant monoterpene.

So, combining these three incredibly healthy ingredients will give you a delicious, vitamin C-packed punch.

* 8 glasses of water
* 2 lemons
* Half a cucumber
* A sprig of mint leaves

Cut the cucumber and lemons into slices, and add them into the water together with the mint leaves. Store it in the fridge overnight, and the next morning enjoy the refreshing drink.

#3 Cinnamon, Cherry, and Lemon Water to Improve Your Sleep

Thanks to the melatonin in cherries, especially tart cherries, this fruit helps promote healthy sleep.

What’s more, these berries are loaded with anthrocyanins which protect against inflammation and heart problems.

On the other hand, cinnamon helps regulate high blood glucose levels, so it’s great for diabetics. When it comes to lemons, they will boost your drink with enough antioxidants and vitamin C.

* 1 Glass of warm water
* 2 slices of lemon
* Half a cup of cherries (pits removed)
* A pinch of cinnamon

Add all ingredients into the water and let them soak. Enjoy the drink before going to bed for a good night’s sleep.