This Recipe is going Crazy in the World! Heal your Knees and Rebuilds Bones and Joints

joint pain remedy
Aging brings about numerous age-related ailments, and as the body weakens, our bones and joints wear out too.

The pain in the knees, bones, and joints is quite intense and debilitating and reduces the ability to finish even the simplest daily tasks. Aging mostly affects our knees, as they support even 80% of the body weight while standing.

The joints also wear out due to improper body posture and excessive weight, long periods of standing, etc.

However, there is a highly effective natural remedy which will soothe the pain and restore the vitality of your body. It causes no side effects as it is completely natural.

The most important thing is to always act on time, and do not let the pain intensify or aggravate, as these ailments are progressive. You should always find a way to cure the ailment starting from its root cause.

The following natural miracle will treat the pain in the joints and bones regardless of their cause:

Knee, bone and joint pain- remedy


* 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper powder

* 1/2 cup of warm olive oil/ 1 cup of apple cider vinegar

* 1/2  inch grated ginger


You should add the cayenne pepper and the grated ginger to the warm olive oil, or apple cider vinegar, you can choose. Then, stir to prepare a paste.


Apply the paste on the painful areas twice a day and leave it to act for at least 20 minutes.


Cayenne pepper is high in a potent component known as capsaicin, which relieves pain. Its powerful natural analgesic properties cause a warm sensation and soothe the discomfort and pain.

After a few weeks, you will notice that your tendons and ligaments are significantly strengthened, the inflammation is soothed, and the pain will gradually disappear.


This is What Happens to Your Liver and Your Brain When You Drink Boiled Turmeric Water

turmeric water
Turmeric is one of the most popular spices added to South Asian dishes, and it becoming growingly popular all around the world, due to its multiple health-boosting properties.

However, only a few know that its daily consumption improves the health of the liver and brain.

Turmeric for Liver health And Cancer Prevention

This spice has been commonly used to treat liver diseases for centuries. However, experts have started examining its effects in terms of liver protection twenty years ago.

What they found was that turmeric is extremely helpful due to its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It reduces liver damage due to cirrhosis (scarring of the liver), iron overdose, ethanol, high toxicity levels, and liver diseases (such as cholestasis).

Its active ingredient, curcumin, lowers the risk of liver cancer, as it reducing the effects of human carcinogens (such as thioacetamide) on the liver.

Turmeric For Brain Health

Recent studies have found that turmeric improves the function of the brain.

Namely, researchers have discovered that curcumin inhibits the buildup of beta-amyloid plaques, which are one of the primary causes of Alzheimer’s, by a shocking 40%.

Furthermore, its anti-inflammatory properties can be of great help in the case of Alzheimer’s, as they reduce the damage due to inflammation and oxidizing agents. Other studies have also confirmed that this miraculous spice is also helpful in the treatment of depression.

We suggest a few recipes so you can consume turmeric daily:

Turmeric and Oil/Fat- recipe


* 1 teaspoon turmeric
* 1 tablespoon coconut oil
* 2 cups coconut milk
* 1 pinch black pepper

Method of preparation:

In a saucepan, heat the listed ingredients until the mixture boils. Then, remove it from heat and drink it warm. You can also add the mixture to your soups, curries, or other recipes.

Turmeric Water- recipe


* 1/4 teaspoon turmeric
* 1-2 cups of water

Method of preparation:

First, boil the water, add the turmeric, and for 10 more minutes. Then, leave it to cool for a couple of minutes, and then you can drink it.


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1 Cup of This Will Put You to Sleep in Under 1 Minute!

apnea remedy insomnia
If you suffer from insomnia then this remedy is for you. Millions of people across the globe deal with insomnia day in and day out.

If you struggle to get a good night’s rest it is most likely affecting all aspects of your life. You could combat this issue with prescription medication, but those are very expensive, addictive, and often ineffective. That’s without mentioning the long list of side effects including things like dizziness, attention issues, constipation, and more.

Would you use a natural alternative that actually works? This one will have you resting soundly in no time at all. A natural sleep aid is all you need.

Natural Sleep Aid Recipe


* 3 ounces of organic hormone free milk (almond milk if you are vegan.)

* 1/2 teaspoon of honey

* 1 drop of vanilla extract


* Heat the milk in a saucepan.

* So not allow it to boil, once it has been warmed pour it into a glass.

* Add in the honey and vanilla.

* Mix everything properly and drink this slowly before bed.

These ingredients together are able to promote a healthy sleep pattern and work to tell the body it is time to power down. Vanilla has been found to be one of the most effective means of relaxation and milk being rich in tryptophan encourage the promotion of serotonin as well as melatonin giving off a sedative effect.

Who knew a good nights sleep could be achieved so easily? Don’t waste your money on those expensive pharmaceuticals. This will benefit you much more in the long run! Your health is more important than anything else.


Here’s How To Detox Your Entire Body To Never Be Sick Or Tired Again

Have you noticed that more and more people, even the younger ones, are falling ill with chronic conditions, cancer or autoimmune conditions? Our body has its weaknesses and it’s not imperfect. Hence, the exposure to environmental toxins can alter our genes, leading to physical disorders.

Moreover, genetic derangements occur due to stress, spiritual shallowness, hormone disrupters, parasites, viruses, bacteria, Sugar, refined carbs and food-like products, pesticides, heavy metals, and the like., body and spirit are one. True medicine addresses all three areas.

The immune system is brilliantly constructed to be able to expel toxins with fevers, diarrhea, and vomiting. Yet, if a rather silent toxin is continually exposed to the system, it will lead to an autoimmune condition.

Autoimmune conditions are disorders in which immunity has gone awry, causing the body to turn on itself. The remaining “toxin” continues to alert the immune system.

Many autoimmune conditions are triggered by diet, as sugar, wheat, pesticides, gluten, heavy metals and genetically modified organisms cause distention and eventual pH changes.

Acid blockers like Pepcid, Nexium, Prilosec or diet can raise the pH higher than 3, which stops the release of pepsin. Pepsin is essential for protein breakdown.

These excess proteins leak through the permeable gut wall where it alerts the immune system and are detected as a foreign intruder. At this point, the body revs up immunity and inflammation ensues.

Inflammations are the defense reaction of the body and they are short- term, but they can lead to long- term chronic conditions.

The following are some instances of autoimmune conditions:

* Blood-leukemia, lupus, hemolytic conditions

* Nerves-diabetic & peripheral neuropathy

* Muscles-fibromyalgia, muscular dystrophy

* Thyroid-Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Graves’ disease

* Brain-MS, autism, Guillain-Barré syndrome (caused by flu shot or a virus)

* Bones-rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, polymyalgia rheumatica

* Lungs-Wegener’s granulomatosis, asthma

* GI tract/pancreas-Celiacs, IBS, Crohns, ulcerative colitis, diabetes

* Skin-eczema, psoriasis, scleroderma, vitiligo

Immunosuppression, or depressing our natural immunity rather than finding the cause can be the answer to these diseases, according to allopathic medicine. Humira or Prednisone is an example. However, it is as counter- intuitive as it sounds.

Namely, in that case, we would hinder our body’s natural response to a foreign intruder, rather than trying to pinpoint that said intruder. Instead of eliminating the issue, we would put a band-aid that causes another side- effects.

Nevertheless, there are completely natural ways and methods which can help you detoxify the entire body and strengthen the immune system in order to prevent diseases of any kind.

Here’s how to detox all body organs and boost your immune system:


You should not consume wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, processed and fried foods, all kinds of GMO and focus on organic foods only. Many of these foods are not inflammatory in their unprocessed, natural states, but due to refining, pasteurizing and genetic modification, they are now disease- causing.

Therefore, avoid sugar, aspartame, MSG, trans fats, hydrogenated oils like canola or vegetable oil. Also, you should not indulge in excessive caffeine and alcohol.

It would be of help if you keep a food elimination journal.

On the other hand, you should consume healthy fats like coconut, avocado, omega-3’s, olive oil or nuts and seeds, and probiotics. Buy a Berkey filter or reverse osmosis filter to remove birth control, toxins, metals, and fluoride from your tap water. Alkaline diets can be of great help- they are low in sodium and high in potassium foods.

Liver cleanse

In order to pull out toxins, you can use burdock root, dandelion root, milk thistle, beets, Jerusalem artichokes, garlic, turmeric or curcumin, fermented foods, and castor oil packs on the abdomen. The liver cleanse should always contain ornithine. The liver is also supported by some sorts of tea, such as tulsi and dandelion. Lugol’s iodine is also supportive of metabolism and liver detox.

Olive oil cleanse for liver

Drink carrot juice and eat tart green apples for a week, in order to soften your gallstones and to prevent them become dislodged during the detox process. Then, take a shot of olive oil with lemon juice and do a castor oil pack at night.

Kidney cleanse

Helpful herbs include horsetail, Flor-essence tea along with Uva Ursi capsules, Ginger, Goldenrod tincture, Vitamin B-6, Black Cherry Concentrate, and Vegetable Glycerin all help flush the kidneys. Extremely beneficial can be the following: lukewarm lemon water, magnesium, organic cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar, and Epsom salt baths. Moreover, note that you should stay away from pesticides as they cause kidney failure.

Colon cleanse

You should be having 2-3 BMs/day. Indian gooseberry or Triphala is a great colon cleanse. Coffee enemas are irreplaceable and double as a colon and liver cleanse. Drink plenty of distilled or fluoride free water, plant based organic diet, aloe Vera water, coconut kefir, ginger, garlic, fennel, bentonite clay or activated charcoal to bind & remove toxins, magnesium, and vitamin C.

Heavy Metals

Zeolite clay and activated charcoal are great chelators. Furthermore, cilantro, chlorella, high sulfur foods like cabbage, onions, garlic and brussels sprouts are amazing natural chelators. You can get a professional IV chelation. Also, avoid unnecessary vaccines which contain heavy metals.

What’s more, mercury is not safe, as it is a neurotoxin and can lead to autoimmune conditions, mood disorders, and mental degradation. Hence, you should see a biologic dentist who specializes in removing Mercury amalgams safely.


Important ingredients, in this case, include wormwood, black walnut hull, cloves, as well as cinnamon, garlic, coconut oil, psyllium husks, bentonite clay and coffee enemas, which are also invaluable. Be sure to get organic coffee, distilled water, complete sterility, and lie on your right side, holding for 10-20 minutes.

Lymphatic system

This is the sewer system of the body, but it does not have a pump like the heart. Therefore, for a proper lymphatic movement, you need to be physically active, walk, practice yoga. Also, deep breathing, rebounding, and dry brushing are other excellent methods for the same cause. Lymph massage can remove toxins from the body through soft massage.


Slathering lotions, makeup, deodorants or fragrances contain parabens, BHT or other endocrine disrupters which can lead to hormone dysregulation, PCOS, endometriosis, and fibroids.

On the other hand, in order to stimulate your lymph system to eliminate chemicals and toxins, you should use infrared saunas, sweating, hot yoga, Epsom salt baths, and dry brush.

Also, you need to exercise and sweat a lot. Avoid any mainstream or synthetic toiletries and go organic. Furthermore, research suggests that vitamin D prevents breast and prostate cancer.

You need to take care of your own health and your body. In order to restore its strength, as well as its functions, you need to detox and help organs work properly. Therefore, remember to take care of yourself.


Don’t Ever Throw Out Sprouted Garlic. Here’s Why

Most of you surely throw away the old bright green garlic bulbs which sprout from the cloves.

Well, apparently, this is a huge mistake, as the garlic sprouts are high in antioxidants, like allicin, alliin, and allyl disulfide. Therefore, the sprouted garlic is much more beneficial than the unsprouted one.

These are the benefits of sprouted garlic:

Boosts the immune system

As it provides high antioxidant content, the sprouted garlic strengthens the immune system and prevents colds and infections.

Heart health

Sprouted garlic also contains phytochemicals which inhibit the activity of carcinogens, and also boost the function of enzymes, and thus prevents the formation of plaque. Plaque deposits lead to heart attacks and heart diseases, so sprouted garlic protects you from such life-threatening diseases.

Stroke prevention

Garlic is abundant in ajoene, which widens the arteries, and prevents blood clotting.  It is also rich in phytochemicals which inhibit the activity of blood clots- forming chemicals, and in this way prevents strokes.

Food Poisoning

Antioxidants in sprouted garlic fight viral and fungal diseases, help in the case of food poisoning, soothe cramps and diarrhea, and offer various other health benefits.

Cancer Prevention

This healthy vegetable is high in minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients, so it effectively prevents damage due to free radicals.

The sprouting stimulates the production of phytochemicals, which protect against the development of malignant cells and obstructs the activity of carcinogens. The high-antioxidant content also helps the prevention of this deadly disease.

Prevents Premature Aging

Antioxidants in garlic effectively fight free radicals in the body and thus prevent premature aging and wrinkles.

Sprouting garlic

To stimulate the sprouting of garlic, you should just leave it in the open. At home, you should poke two toothpicks in a pod of garlic. The garlic should be unpeeled. Next, fill a small and narrow glass cup with water, and place the garlic pod on its rim, with its narrow part a bit submerged in the water.

Keep it on a window sill, and after 5 days, you will notice the new garlic sprouts.


See What Freezing Lemons Can Do And You Will Do This Forever!

frozen lemon
Lemons for sure are the super food as they are amazingly healthy providing numerous health benefits thanks to which they boost the health in countless ways.

This fruit is rich in lemonoids thereby preventing further growth and development of cancers and tumors particularly in the case of breast cancer.

According to studies lemon peel contains double the amount of vitamins as the fruit itself, and it contains antibacterial, antiparasitic, anti-cancer, and antifungal features.

Lemons have wide range of uses such as in household matters, acting as a natural medicine, tasty addition to salads, meals, smoothies and desserts, and so on.

This fruit has the ability to detoxify the body, yet when the juice is squeezed then it loses substantial part of the medicinal capacity and nutrients.

According to the renowned nutritionist, and as well as an expert in women’s health Dr. Marilyn Glenville, the peels of various fruits boost the immune system and support the overall health. Also she advises consumption of smoothies instead of juices, since they offer more health benefits and contain the peels in them.

Most of us avoided smoothies with lemon as a result of its bitter taste, but there is a solution for this matter, freezing them would be the best option.

Here is the way how to freeze lemons:

Start with washing and disinfecting them with apple cider vinegar. After that, wash them well, and then dry them. Next, store them in a freezer during the night. The following morning, grate the lemons with the seeds, pulp, and peel, and in this form you can include them in smoothies, drinks, desserts, soups, dishes, and baked goods.

Health Benefits of Lemon Peel

The lemon peel strengthens the immune system, detoxifies the body, fights off bacteria, parasites, and worms; reduces high cholesterol levels, and it is a great prevention against cancer. It is true that lemon juice is packed with vitamin C, but the peel contains 5 to 10 times more vitamins than the fruit itself.

This fruit incorporates plenty of health benefits, because it can:

* Prevent asthma

* Soothe inflammation

* Act as a potent anti-bacterial agent

* Enhance the immune system

* Treat high blood pressure

* Detoxify the kidneys and the liver

* Treat depression and stress

* Battle cancer

For decades, the powerful anti-cancer properties of lemons have been tested, and it was revealed they can kill malignant cells in several types of cancers, such as breast, lung and colon cancer.

Lemons are extremely beneficial as they only destroy the afflicted cells, and leave the healthy ones intact and safe which is not the case with the harmful chemotherapy.

Therefore, use lemons daily and gain all its incredible benefits. Use the freezing method and enjoy their amazing properties.


This Is Why Japanese Women Never Get Fat And Live The Longest! Their Secret Is Simply Amazing!

Japanese Women
For the past 30 years, Japanese women held the record for longest living women in the world. To be exact, the average lifespan Japanese woman is 84!

Despite living longer than other women in the world, Japanese women seem to as well look the youngest. In some way, they succeed to oppose to the natural process of aging. Luckily, you can lastly try their secret to longevity and beauty!

The book “Japanese women don’t get old or fat”, by the Japanese writer, Naomi Moriyama, exposes the secrets of the Japanese kitchen and medicine to stay healthy and young-looking.

She states that the traditional Japanese cuisine uses foods that put off aging, health issues, and weight gain. The everyday consumption of these foods, such as fruits, fish, rice, seaweed, green tea, vegetables, and soy, guides to weight management and aging avoidance.

Japanese people frequently consume home cooked meals, which contain soup, cooked vegetables, fruits, grilled fish, a bowl of rice, and green tea.

They, in fact, enjoy fish and consume about 10% of all fish consumed in the world, and they account for only 2% of the world population.

Moriyama as well claims that Japanese children gain knowledge of the rules of a healthy diet since very young, they are grateful for the food and eat slowly.  In addition, each food is individually served, and people are not permitted to eat huge portions or to fill up their bowls. This cuisine is very simple, and meals are gradually prepared, frequently steamed or grilled.

Every meal has rice as a side meal, as a bread substitute, and this is one of the biggest diversity between their and our eating habits.

Japanese people believe that the breakfast is the most important daily meal, and it consists of many foods and drinks, like fish, soup, omelet, seaweed, steamed rice, tofu, young garlic, and green tea.

They stay away from sugary foods, and if served, have a tiny portion. Women are conscious of the negative effects of the consumption of sweet foods like cakes, ice-cream, and chocolate on the overall health, so they hardly ever eat them.

The ending of the book explains the significance of physical activity as well:

 “Exercise is a part of the daily routine in Japan and in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, they built an entire culture of biking, walking and hiking.”


How To Lower Blood Pressure Fast Without Medications

Blood Pressure
Numerous people worldwide suffer from hypertension. This common issue can often cause no early signs, and if aggravated, leads to serious health problems.

Its most common symptoms include insomnia, pain, leg cramps, dizziness, and abnormal heart rates.

If you belong to this group, and your blood pressure is above 140/90 mmHg, you should initially decide to avoid medications and try to find an effective natural remedy instead.

The following natural remedies will help you enhance your health, and avoid the harmful side-effects of medications:


Garlic is one of the healthiest foods on the planet, and it contains sulfur compounds, like allicin, diallyl disulfide, and diallyl trisulfide, which effectively regulate high cholesterol and high blood pressure levels.

These are also potent natural stimulators of the production of nitric oxide. You should consume it raw, and take 2 cloves on a daily basis.

Lemon juice

Lemons keep the body hydrated, relax the blood vessels, provide vitamins, protect the walls of blood vessels, and regulate blood pressure. They are also abundant in potassium, and naturally, reduce sodium in the body. Squeeze one lemon in a glass of water, and drink this remedy every morning, on an empty stomach.


Bananas are also high in potassium, and lower sodium levels in the body, so they hydrated regulate blood pressure. You should consume 2 bananas daily and maintain your optimal health.

ACV and baking soda

Apple cider vinegar is high in healthy minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, as well as other important nutrients. It protects the artery walls, regulates pH levels in the body, and reduces high blood pressure. Therefore, you should prepare the following remedy:

* 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
* 1/8 teaspoon baking soda
* water

Add the baking soda and apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink this remedy twice daily.

Additionally, you should follow the tips below:

* Eat healthy foods and avoid processed fast food;

* Avoid salt;

* Limit your daily intake of caffeine;

* Stop smoking;

* Avoid alcohol;

* Be physically active and exercise regularly.


How To Train Your Brain To Stop Worrying

How To Train Your Brain To Stop Worrying

Worrying is an unnecessary evil when it comes to your mental health. Some consider it simply a bad habit that can be unlearned with practice. Some think that worrying may serve a purpose for the brain by helping us to learn from past experiences and prepare for new ones. Whether good or bad, worrying occupies our brain by focusing on an uncertain future that we can’t control.

It is said that depression is focusing on past events that you wish you could change, and that worrying is focusing on future events that you have no control over. It could also be said about worrying that you only think you have no control over the future when you can actually choose to take action to help prepare for whatever it is you are worried about. In this article, we will look at active ways that you can help train your brain to stop worrying.

1. Stop your brain from worrying by writing it down

When you are training your brain to stop worrying, this one technique is said to be the most valuable. If your brain is keeping you up at night by thinking about something, put it down on paper or electronic format. Doing so lets your brain breathe a mental sigh of relief by no longer having to spend energy trying to remember these details. If you’re worrying about what to serve for a gathering of friends, write down ‘What to serve?’

Writing it down also is a way for you to put your brain on notice and tell your brain ‘This is important enough to write down.’ Your brain has now been alerted to put resources toward solving this problem rather than being worried or having to remember the important thing to worry about.

Why write it down? Researchers now have evidence that chronic worriers may be chronic problem avoiders too. Scientists in the journal Anxiety, Stress & Coping gave worriers an opportunity to write down three possible outcomes for the situation they were worried about, then they analyzed their answers for practical solutions. The scientists say ‘When participants’ problem elaborations were rated for concreteness, both studies showed an inverse relationship between degree of worry and concreteness: The more participants worried about a given topic, the less concrete was the content of their elaboration. The results challenge the view that worry may promote better problem analyses. Instead, they conform to the view that worry is a cognitive avoidance response.‘

2. Meditate for a worry free brain

Meditation can help train your brain to stop worrying. Researchers in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine studied the effects of meditation and found that meditation is particularly good for reducing cognitive anxiety, or worrying. Although some people believe that they do not have time to meditate, meditation is as easy as choosing to close your eyes right now for 30 seconds or longer. The act of choosing to tune out other sources of stress is an active step to train your brain to stop worrying.

A few moments where you consciously choose to avoid any non-natural noise in your life will allow you to get centered around what is most important to you, now and in the future. Worrisome thoughts may come to you while you meditate, and this is normal. Those who have mastered the art of brain training to stop worrying recommend observing worrisome thoughts as they enter the mind and simply watching them pass like clouds on a breezy day.

3. Exercise to train your body and your brain to stop worrying

Worry is how your brain learns to survive by deciding to activate the fight-or-flight system. If a cougar jumps out at you, you instantly feel a rush of adrenaline, and this fear response is the same thing that is happening to your body when you worry, just at a much lower level over a longer period of time.

The same study in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine found that exercise, on the other hand, is good for when your body feels the symptoms of anxiety, like jitteriness. If your body feels less of the physical symptoms of stress, your mind will interpret that there must be less to worry about because the body is not in a state of heightened arousal.

Exercise seems to give the body a secondary reason for the rapid heart rate and perspiration that we may feel on a small level when we worry. Exercise can help lower blood pressure, which is another physical symptom of stress in the body. If you can identify that you are worrying, go for a 5-10 minute walk, outside if possible. Appreciate the sights and sounds of nature while focusing on the motion of your limbs and the breaths that you take.


This Mouthwash Removes Plaque From Teeth In 2 Minutes

plaque teeth
Did you know that your oral health determines your overall health? When it comes to one’s oral health, it’s crucial to emphasize the importance of using a mouthwash. It lowers plaque and fights off those bacteria that you’re unable to catch with a toothbrush. It leaves the mouth squeaky clean and the breath fresh and bacteria-free.

Homemade mouthwash is an even better and safer alternative than the store-bought ones. These are some of the benefits of making your own mouthwash:

* Easily affordable ingredients

* Controllable ingredients

* Free of chemicals; store-bought mouthwash contains chemicals, colorants, flavorings, etc.

Below, you have a recipe for one of the most effective homemade mouthwashes that you can use to eliminate tartar and have whiter teeth.

You will need:

* A tbsp of baking soda

* Half a tsp of salt

* Half a cup of hydrogen peroxide

* A cup of cold water

* Half a cup of warm water

* A toothbrush

* Toothpicks

Preparation and use: Mix the baking soda and salt and then wet the toothbrush in warm water. Put a bit of the mixture on it and brush the teeth for 2 minutes. Afterwards, spit out the content. Next, you need to mix the warm water and hydrogen peroxide and then rinse the mouth with it and the spit it out. By using a toothpick, remove the tartar between the teeth and when you’re done, rinse the mouth with cold water.

Repeat the procedure twice in one week.

Why baking soda?

Because it’s one of the most powerful cleansers and it has so many uses, one of them being an ingredient in a homemade mouthwash. It has bleaching properties and an antibacterial properties that are in charge of removing the tartar and microbes causing bad breath and cavities.


Never swallow mouthwash

Brush your teeth at least 3 times per day

Spicy food encourages the work of the salivary glands and salivA sanitizes the oral cavity


This is Exactly Why People With Diabetes Should Eat Mangoes Everyday

Mangoes are the most popular fresh fruit in the world. Not only is it an admired global alkaline fruit, but according to scientific evidence, mangoes are also a powerful medicinal food that contain many health benefits.

According to the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), consuming mangoes every day can help lower blood sugar levels, despite their natural sugar content.

In their study, scientist ran test on a group of obese animals, where some were given 10 grams of freeze-dried mango every day for three months. At the end of 12 weeks, the researchers tested the blood sugar levels of the animals that ate the mango and compared the data to the animals that didn’t consume the fruit. The results showed the animals that consumed the mango had a significant decline in their blood sugar levels.

“Although the mechanism by which mango exerts its effects warrants further investigation, we do know that mangoes contain a complex mixture of polyphenolic compounds,” says Dr. Edralin Lucas, Ph.D., author of the study.

Researchers from an Oklahoma State University study, also found that mango consumption helps to lower insulin resistance and improve glucose tolerance. This study was done on mice where they saw similar results to FASEB’s conclusion.

Another study conducted Australia, found that consuming mango can also help decrease inflammation that result in high cholesterol, as well as block the formation of illnesses associated with metabolic syndrome.

“We don’t know yet how the whole thing’s going to play out but we know some of the individual components (of mango) activate these receptors and even inhibit them,” said a doctor from University of Queensland about the effects of mango consumption. “That could end up with positive nutritional health benefits for diabetes and high cholesterol.”


This Colon Cleansing Remedy Has Powerful Efficacy, You Will Need Just 2 Ingredients

kefir cleanse
The intestines process 100 tons of food and 40000 liters of fluids during a period of 70 years, meaning that about 10 pounds of fecal deposits and toxic waste pile up in the stomach every year, and thus contaminate the blood and lead to great damage to the body.

You can successfully prevent numerous diseases by removing the mucus, fecal deposits, and parasites from the intestines.

The deposits of waste in the intestines might lead to numerous issues, like kidney and liver disease, diabetes, frequent constipation, disturbed metabolism, hearing and vision issues, skin conditions, hair and nail problems, as various diseases, from arthritis to cancer.

Only a small part of the colon, 40-50 cm can be cleaned by enema or clyster, and the use of special equipment in cleansing enema treatments is costly, takes time, and might endanger the intestinal lining.

On the other hand, the intestines can be perfectly cleaned with the use of flaxseed flour for 3 weeks, as it will preserve the intestinal microflora, and remove the mucus and fecal deposits, or parasites.

This will help you burn fat and normalize weight fast, regulate the lipid metabolism, and the cholesterol levels, and detoxify the body.

This is especially effective in the case of gastritis, colitis, duodenum or stomach ulcer, inflammatory conditions of the upper respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract, excessive body weight, and disorders of the lipid metabolism, as well as infections, cystitis, diseases of the urinary tract, and pyelonephritis.

The cleansing procedure is as follows:

Every morning for 3 weeks, you should consume the following instead of your breakfast:

* Week 1: 1 tablespoon of flaxseed flour and 100 ml of kefir

* Week 2: 2 tablespoons of flaxseed flour and 100 ml of kefir

* Week 3: 3 tablespoons of flaxseed flour and 150 ml of kefir

You should also drink 2 liters of water every day, or for best results, consume honey water. If you cannot find the flour, you can finely grind flaxseed on your own. These seeds might go rancid, so prepare the daily dose fresh, every day.

This colon cleansing procedure should be done once a year.