Home Tricks With Potatoes To Remove Stains On The Face

Came the summer, when very hot, where the sun causes us negative effects on the skin such as spots on the face; right thing is to stay well hydrated and protected from ultraviolet rays with a sunscreen of 50.

This time I bring several tricks inexpensive way to remove these stains on the face that causes us the sun and is nothing more and nothing less than the potato, known in gastronomy in delicious dishes but also in the area of beauty their power to match the skin tone and bleach; besides that you can apply cold to soothe irritations.
potato on face

Here are some benefits of the potato skin:

● It helps deflate the bags under the eyes.
● Clarifies and removes stains.
● Moisturizes and nourishes the skin deeply.
● Reduces inflammation of the tissues of the face.
● Prevents aging.
● Reduces acne.

How to use it?

Raw, make a juice or scratched and apply to the desired area of the face.

These are some of the masks with potato or potato.

Potato or potato with lemon

Liquefy the potato and throw him half a lemon juice, you apply on the face for 15 minutes and wash with water.

Potato or potato and onion

Liquefy medium onion and whole potato juice applied to the affected area for 10 minutes and rinse with water.

Potato or potato with cucumber

Liquefy the potato with half a cucumber, the juice apply it for 20 minutes and wash with cold water.

Potato or potato with carrot

Mixtures potatoes with carrots liquefy and similarly apply it for 25 minutes and retire with plenty of water.