Here Are 18 Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide That You Didn’t Know About: Wow!

Hydrogen peroxide has numerous different uses and probably every one of us has a bottle of it at home. But, many people don’t know that hydrogenperoxide isn’t only a germicidal agent composed by oxygen and waters down.

This is a natural substance that is contained in every live being, with a specializing potential of oxidation to fight infections, treat illnesses and also, to neutralize germs.

At the same time, this compound can be dangerous if it is consumed, since its concentration can provoke serious damages in the eyes and burn the skin. So, here, we’ll speak about hydrogen peroxide of 3 %.

This is considered to be one of the world’s natural disinfectants. It not only serves to disinfect wounds, but here are 18 of its most famous uses:

1 –WASH YOUR FRUITS AND VEGETABLES - Rinsing our fruits and vegetables is not sufficient for their cleanliness. If you want them to remain completely clean, add quarter of a cup of hydrogen peroxide in a sink with lots of cold water. Do not do this with absorbent food as mushrooms!Use a cloth dipped in this water to rinse all your fruits and vegetables.

2 – INCREASES THE POTENCY OF YOUR DISHWASHER - Put a little bit of hydrogen peroxide in the place where you put the detergent and turn it on.

3 – IDEAL TO DISINFECT YOUR WOUNDS - This is the most famous use of hydrogen peroxide. You must apply it twice on your wounds, because this will accelerate the process of scarring and avoids further infections.

4 – USEFUL FOR CLOTHESWHITENING - Simply add a cup of hydrogen peroxide in the clothes that you want to whiten. It will be good for the clothes, but also for your washing machine.

5 – IT’S AN EXCELLENT FRESHENER - This can be used as a natural spittoon spit. Just mix equal portions of common water and hydrogen peroxide.

6 –PREPARE A HOMEMADE PASTA - This is an alternative of common pastas. Just mix hydrogen peroxide with sodium bicarbonate and brush your teeth. If this is used regularly, it can eliminate the spots on your teeth.

7 – FIGHTs INFECTIONS IN FINGERNAILS AND FEET - Put your feet in lukewarm water and add a little bit of hydrogen peroxide. Leave your feet to rest there in 20 minutes. This process will fight fungi in the fingernails and feet, but also the bad smell.

8 – IT INCREASES THE CLEANLINESS IN YOUR HOME - You can prepare your own cleaning product. Just add one part of cleaning gel and two parts of hydrogen peroxide and clean whatever you like!

9 – USE IT TO LIGHTEN YOUR HAIR - Mix some water with hydrogen peroxide of 3 %, apply it on your hair and it will start lightening gradually. Protect yourself and your clothes before you start.

10 – MAINTAINYOUR TOILET ALWAYS CLEAN - Put ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide uniformly inside the toilet and leave it like that for 20 minutes. Then, pull the lever.

11 – GET RID OF THE MOLD ON YOUR BATHCURTAINS - Your bath curtains are possible to clean. Just mix water with hydrogen peroxide and then spill it on the dirty areas. They’ll be easier to clean.

12 – DISINFECT AND CLEAN YOUR HUMIDIFIER - Put ¼ of a cup of water in one liter of hydrogen peroxide of 3 %. You can turn on the humidifier or clean all the pieces separately.

13 – GET RID OF THE SMELL - Mix a dishwashing detergent with 440ml of hydrogen peroxide and two tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate. Put it in a spraying bottle and spray it everywhere you want.

14 – IT ELIMINATES THE GERMS FROM THE TOYS - Spray them with hydrogen peroxide and then dry them completely.

15 – IT LEAVES YOUR MIRROR IMPECCABLY CLEAN - Mix equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide to spray your mirrors.

16 –IT HELPS THE GROWTH OF YOUR PLANTS - Some gardeners claim that adding a solution of hydrogen peroxide into the soil allows the oxygen to be transported to the roots. To prepare it add 32 parts of water in hydrogen peroxide or add 20ml of hydrogen peroxide to one liter of water. Use this to water your plants. Prepare enough solution that you will use immediately.

17 –ELIMINATES THE FUNGI FROM YOUR GARDEN - Avoid and eliminate the formation of fungi by mixing 4 liters of water with ½ a cup of hydrogen peroxide.

18 – IT GIVES SHINE TO YOUR FRYING PANS AND POTS - If your frying pans or pots have remnants of burnt mealsthen prepare a paste with sodium bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide. Rub it precisely on the spots where the dirt lies and leave it to rest for several minutes. After that, remove it with a sponge and some warm water.