Easy Healing Footbath Recipe For After a Long Day

Your feet are that part of the body that gets the least love and care. You stand and walk on them, drag them through dirty floors, and what is worse, you squeeze them in tight and high heels. Does it seem fair to you?

Your feet reflect the quality of the shoes you wear. However, you can still do things right and pamper your feet with a nice and warm soak. Your feet deserve it, because they carry you through the week. You probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen, so you better hurry and work on your feet.

This soothing foot treatment requires honey, lemon, and apple cider vinegar.

Honey is a known humectant, meaning it attracts and seals moisture. It is a common ingredient in beauty products, because of its ability to draw moisture to the upper skin layer, which gives the skin a natural glow.

Lemon releases its power at the very moment you slice it through, and the pleasant aromatics fill in the air. Add it to your foot soak to remove dead skin. Lemons are referred to as natural exfoliants because of their abundance in citric acid.

Apple cider vinegar is used for its antibacterial properties, and you definitely need that after a long day in your shoes. What you do not know is that apple cider vinegar is also a muscle relaxer. It has amazing anti-inflammatory and alkalizing properties which is beneficial in the treatment of pain and inflammation.

You need a small pedicure pail. The size depends on your feet, because they need to fit in well. The less water you use the more concentrated your foot soak shall be. Try not to use your bathtub.


● ½ cup honey

● 1 lemon, sliced (squeeze the juice into the foot soak)

● 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar

Make sure the water is warm enough so you can hold your feet in. Add in the ingredients, and soak your feet in. Lay back and enjoy as long as possible. Of course, you cannot relax once the water gets cold. Scrub your feet using a pumice stone, then carefully massage your feet.

Such warm foot soaks work on the entire body. Dehydration is the reason why your muscles feel sore, and by soaking your feet in water you will hydrate your body. Warm water softens skin and callouses, and lemon, honey and apple cider vinegar can do their magic easily.

Pat dry your feet and massage them with castor oil. This oil relieves muscle pain and heals minor cuts and skin infections, not to mention its moisturizing power.

Use essential oil for a greater effect
Essential oils work amazing in foot soaks. Use tea tree oil for its deodorizing and antifungal properties. Apply pure tea tree oil to cuts and infected wounds, which means it is an excellent remedy for Athlete’s foot.

Here are some of the essential oils you can use:

● Chamomile – Relaxes and soothes the skin, while releasing its anti-inflammatory potential

● Eucalyptus – Use it for its antibacterial, antiviral and soothing effect

● Lavender – Accelerates wound healing, and also calms and soothes skin

● Peppermint – Stimulates blood circulation and soothes skin