Prepare A Powerful Tea That Serves For Vertigo Fibromyalgia Lupus Arthritis Chronic Fatigue And For Sclerosis

There are many diseases that occur without any apparent reason, an explanation, but when they are developed, few people stop to think about the lifestyle they lead. No one knows how these diseases appear and often they have no cure.

We are talking about conditions such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, vertigo, fibromyalgia or multiple sclerosis. These diseases affect millions of people worldwide and this can lead to a sad end. Therefore, we bring you a drink with a powerful ingredient so you can forget of these diseases. Today we want to help you to forget of these diseases with one prepared drink from an incredible ingredient the majority  have in the kitchen. It is the thyme, a plant with many medicinal benefits and often used by laboratories and pharmaceutical companies.


Even if it looks like a lie, the thyme we all have in the kitchen, has a high concentration of potassium, iron and calcium, nutrients that can regulate the blood pressure and strengthen the creation of the red blood cells. With that, we can fight the diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, sore throat or la laryngitis.


● 1 bunch of thyme, dry or fresh.
● 1 cup of water.


We have already said that you just need one ingredient: thyme, so you can imagine that this drink is very easy to prepare. You only have to heat some water in a pot and then add a handful of thyme previously washed well. So, let it stand like an infusion. Then, the tagged and stored at room temperature. You should drink this drink twice a day, one during breakfast and the other just before going to sleep. So you will take the advantage of the medicinal properties of the thyme. You can take it alone or with a little honey, if you prefer to sweeten it. Soon you will see how incredibly noticeable are the effects for your health.