Suffering From Back, Hip, or Knee Pain? Try These Quick & Easy Exercises

Suffering From Back, Hip, or Knee Pain? Try These Quick & Easy Exercises
Regardless where it occurs, persistent pain can obstruct our ability to finish all the daily tasks we have without problems. In other words, chronic pain limits our capacity to complete tasks, affects our focus and makes us feel bad.

In addition, in case you’ve tried a few things to ease this pain and you didn’t notice any improvement, you will probably feel frustrated. In some cases, people are able to find seemingly effective method to solve this problem, but this method requires the help of a professional.

Finally, there are people who turn to OCT drugs to ease the pain, but the truth is that these remedies only mask the symptoms.

The good news is that doing certain exercises to activate specific muscle groups have proven to be very efficient. We have selected five exercises for knee, hip or back pain that have helped hundreds of people regardless of their age and physical condition.

Toe Walks
This move is inspired by the basic exercises performed in dance studios. Toe walks can be performed by any individual and they are mostly focused on the ligaments and muscles concentrated in our feet.

In this way you will be able to ease pain on other body parts too. In order to perform toe walks, just get up on the tips of the toes and stat walking forward for ten seconds or more.

Wall Calf Stretch
When people are engaged in stretching, they usually forget the calf muscles, which is completely wrong especially in case you are spending most of the day standing.

In addition, people who are fond of high-impact exercises must focus on this area too. It is not difficult to tighten the calves, but if you stretch them in a proper way, you will reduce the pain that goes all the way to the knees.
Pencil Pickups
The best part of this simple exercise is that it can be performed literally everywhere. Put a pen or pencil on the ground, take a position in front of it before you pick it up with the toes and count to ten.

After that, put the pen/pencil back. Perform this exercise until you notice that the pain is reduced.

Toe Presses
It turns out that by warming up your feet and stretching out the toes, you will get a chance to ease the pain in the rest of the body. In order to perform this low-impact exercise you will need to stand up and bend the knees a little bit.

In addition, curl the toes inward and keep this position for about 3 seconds. Perform this exercise as long as it takes to feel improvement in the knees, hips and back.

Half-Kneel Hip and Quad Stretch
With the help of this stretch, you will be able to activate the quad muscles and hips. If you want to perform this exercise, simply kneel on one of the knees and keep the other foot pressed on the floor right in front of you. The goal is to reach a 90-degree angle (or as much as you can close to 90-degree angle).

After that, lean in the direction of your front leg and stretch the front side of the hip down. Next, hold the ankle of the leg placed on the ground and pull the leg toward the rear to stretch the hip and hamstring. In this way you will stretch your knee thoroughly. Perform between ten and fifteen repetitions.