Your Apartment Always Smells Amazing! But No One Knows The Motive…Until They Teach You How To Do It

Your Apartment Always Smells Amazing! But No One Knows The Motive…Until They Teach You How To Do It
It has not happened a day that they spent cleaning the house and unpleasant odor is on the street. The pipelines or in the rooms, don’t worry, we will tell you a secret recipe that your neighbor probably has, so your home can smell good.

We always want your home to smell nice, this is a low and easy cost to make at home for the first freshener you will need:

● ¼ cup of fragrance enhancer preferably Downy
● 4 tablespoons of baking soda
● 1 cup of boiling water
● 1 bottle of empty aerosol

Process of making: Mix the ingredients and let them stay for 30 minutes, then place the mixture in the empty spray bottle and it would be ready for use on any surface you want to smell good.
Allies to achieve the house to smell nice

In addition to the previously given recipe we will give you other freshener and some tips you can apply when it comes to have your home with pleasant fragrance.

Second freshener


● Jamaican pepper
● Nail
● Orange shells
● Cinnamon powder
● Vanilla extract
● Ginger

Process of making: Place all ingredients in the list in a saucepan of water, simmer for a few minutes, let it cool; finally put the mixture in a spray bottle and enjoy the aroma.

Other tricks that you can try out for a pleasant smell in your homes are:

Vinegar: The application has a very effective deodorant action, it is economical and highly sought by housewives.

Vanilla: You have the smell of sweet cakes and cookies that remind you of your mother or your grandmother in every corner of your house, place vanilla

in some cotton balls and put the cotton balls in some corners of your house.

Café: located a jar of coffee beans in strategic locations in the kitchen for you to eliminate odors that leave the preparation of certain foods.
With tricks and two recipes to make your own homemade air fresheners we guarantee that you will say goodbye to odors and all who visit you will be enchanted by the scent of your home.