Amazing Power: Cleanse Your Liver and Bloodstream Before It Is Too Late! RECIPE

green juice for liver
Because we regularly intake food which is dangerous for our health -rich in toxins and other components, the liver has an important role in our bodies- it is in charged for removal of toxins.  Therefore, we need to take care about the condition and functioning of the liver and the easiest way for the liver to improve its functioning is detoxification.
Moreover, the cleansing method can be accomplished in numerous ways, from chemical pills to natural and organic foods. However, considering the fact that chemistry has a negative influence on our health, we should always turn to natural and organic options. These natural medicines are exceptionally useful and they only cleanse the organism without any side effects.



● 25 grams of celery
● One piece of ginger
● 125 grams of fresh cabbage
● 1 lemon
● 250 grams of fresh pears
● 10 grams of mint
● 500 ml of water


Cut the pears, cabbage, celery, and ginger into thin slices and then put them into a blender. Then, add the water and blend a little bit more. Afterwards, add the lemon juice and mint and blend once again and the beverage is ready!

Regular consumption of this beverage prevents further complications and cleanses the liver entirely. Drink it two times per day: in the morning and before you go to sleep.