Super Trick: How to get rid of black mold in the bathroom

Super Trick: How to get rid of black mold in the bathroom
No matter how hard we try, somehow we cannot get rid of black mold in the bathroom. These ugly black spots mainly occur in the bathroom and represent an unpleasant aesthetic or hygienic problem that is harmless to health, especially if extended to other parts of the apartment. The bathroom is a real source of mold because it is moist, warm and without sufficient air. To prevent the creation of mold, we must first change the conditions: open the window slightly ajar door ajar or at least while showering, if possible.

If you do not have a window in the bathroom, after showering use a humidifier or air.

Everyday Care
Do not think that you will successfully defend of the mold if daily polished tiles in the bathroom. It’s hard work, but to be honest, hardly anyone has time to do it daily. However, some everyday habits can help:

-In daily shower is happening to leave a residue of shampoo, oils or creams for the body. Immediately remove them.

– Dry the wet towels out of the bathroom
– The curtains of the tub or shower cabin are best to be of a synthetic material that absorbs less moisture.

Towels and water
The way you fight with mold, depends on how much it is and how long present. If you have a lot to do, it is best to choose cleaners that contain less hazardous chemicals percentage, so you will breathe less of them. The most effective are actually water and towels with microfibers that have strong potential for absorption.

Of course, to successfully clean the corners, the best choice is an old toothbrush while some recommend special cleaning sponges.

Bleach against nasty black spots
If there are no results with these methods, then the best solution are bleaches. Mix water and bleach in a portion3:1.

If this method has no results, reach for a stronger concentrate. But, be careful – never combine two different products (eg, ammonia and bleach), because it can cause chemical reaction that released strong fumes that are dangerous to life!

And steam cleaner is a good idea, especially with the addition of brush by which you can easily get rid of the mold.

Super Trick
If you want to get rid of black spots in order not to damage the silicon, try this trick.

For this you will need:
■ Cotton balls
■ Bleach (for clothes)

Soak cotton ball in bleach (Make sure to use gloves!) And place them directly on silicon infected with mold.

Leave it overnight. Close the bathroom door so as not to spread the smell to the other rooms.