Lost 4 kg In 7 Days Taking This Beverage In Fasting

With this drink you’ve narrowed down the stomach in just one week.


● 2 Liters of cranberry juice
● 1 Tablespoon  ground cinnamon
● 1 Tablespoon ginger milled
● 1 Tablespoon  of crushed nuts
● 200 ml orange juice  squeezed
● 100 Ml lemon juice
● If you want you can add stevia.


Heat the cranberry juice  to a simmer and  add the species. Simmer at low temperature  fifteen minutes. Then let it cool down to  ambient temperature, then add the lemon juice, orange and stevia and place it in the refrigerator.

Take this drink twice a  day in the morning on an empty stomach   and at night  before bedtime.

The recommended dose is 200 ml.
Drink eat at least   10 days.

This drink is great because it contains cranberry red, which is an antioxidant spice of great scope that reduce appetite and  speeds up the metabolism, the lemon and the orange will help you to lose weight .