Japanese Record-Breaking Diet: In 14 Days Lose 7 kg

Japan is a country with a long tradition in culinary and number 1 in an attempt to maintain ideal body weight. Their kitchen is low calorie and high in fiber, protein, vegetable fats, and vitamins. Today we discover popular Japanese diet thanks to which 14 days will lose up to 7kg. As we said, the Japanese diet is all the rage, destroys all records in the number of users and the speed of melting weight.

The first 2-3 days is really heavy (long accustomed organism), and after that it is easier to follow the prescriptions. You can use it in any period of the year because it contains products that are easy to find.

1 and 13 day
Breakfast: black coffee.
Lunch: 2 hard boiled eggs, salad of boiled cabbage with vegetable oil, glass of tomato juice without salt.
Dinner: boiled or grilled fish

2 and 11 day
Breakfast: black coffee, a piece of black bread.
Lunch: boiled or grilled fish and vegetable salad with vegetable oil.
Dinner: 200g boiled beef meat, a cup of yogurt.

3 and 8 days
Breakfast: baked zucchini, an apple.
Lunch: 100 g boiled beef meat, fruit.
Dinner: 2 hard boiled eggs, 200 g boiled beef meat, salad of fresh cabbage.

4 and 9 day
Breakfast: black coffee.
Lunch: 1 soft boiled egg, 3 large boiled carrots, 15g hard cheese.
Dinner: fruit.

5 and 10 day
Breakfast: fresh carrots, lemon juice.
Lunch: baked or boiled fish, a glass of tomato juice without salt.

Dinner: fruit.

6 and 14
Breakfast: black coffee.
Lunch: half boiled chicken, salad of boiled cabbage or carrots with vegetable oil.
Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, vegetable salad .

7 and 12 day
Breakfast: tea without sugar.
Lunch: 200 g boiled beef meat, fruit.
Dinner: chose dinner from any day, except the third.

During this diet you may not eat:

salt – because it affects the retention of excess fluid in the body
sugar – because it is the main culprit for the increase in weight
bread – primarily because it is a product of white flour
Alcohol – adversely affect the metabolism and prevents discharge of toxins

Additional notes:

– Strictly adhere to the set amounts
– The quantity of the salad is unlimited, but the amount of oil may not exceed 1 tablespoon
– You should have an easy walk at least 30 minutes a day
– You should drink 1 liter carbonated water with the juice of one lemon to drink during the day (best when you feel hunger and it is time for a meal).