How To Accelerate The Growth Of Your Eyelashes In 7 Days?

Some lucky women are born with naturally long and thick lashes, while others can achieve that effect only by using their favorite mascara.

If you have found yourself in the second group of women, you know how does it feel to try every possible trick to achieve the wanted effect, and yet none of these tricks works.

However, this woman claimed that the mixture of some oils can help you thicken your lashes in exactly 1 week.

For preparing this mixture you will only need 3 ingredients and a little patience.


■ 20ml of coconut oil
■ 20ml of Vitamin E oil
■ 20ml of castor oil


First of all you need to find a bowl with a lid. Then put all the oils in that bowl and stir them nicely.

Every night before going to bed shake the container or the bottle, where the mixture is, and apply a small amount of this oil mixture on your lashes. You can use your finger or an ear swab to apply this mixture on your lashes.

However note that it is crucial that you clean your makeup before applying this oil mixture. You need to repeat this procedure every night before going to sleep.

The first results will be noticeable in only 7 days.

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