Here Is How To Stop Hiccups In 30 Seconds Or Less By Pressing These Points

Here Is How To Stop Hiccups In 30 Seconds Or Less By Pressing These Points
Hiccupping is annoying and uncomfortable problem that can even lead to puking and nausea in some people.

Actually, hiccups are uncontrollable spasms of the diaphragm which appear, for instance, after consummation of carbonated drinks, fast food, alcohol, quick variations in temperature, as a result of excitement etc.

It normally lasts less than one hour and it vanishes spontaneously, but we always want it to be gone as soon as possible. There are numerous ways to stop it including holding the breath, dinking water etc. These are some famous ways for stopping hiccups, but they aren’t effective always.

You can get rid of this condition by simply pressing particular spots on the body. Read on and learn how to stop this annoying condition.

The first point of pressure is on the face
This point is located between the upper lip and the nose. In some people it is more while in some it is less noticeable, but not everyone can locate it. Apply pressure on the center of that point and push it towards your teeth. This process should last for 20-30 seconds.

The second point is the chest
Find the sternum which is long and narrow, connecting the ribs. Once you located it, find its end by following it with your fingers down. Apply pressure on the final part directing the pressure in direction of your back. Anyway, you shouldn’t press too hard. This process should last for 20-30 seconds.

The third point is the abdomen
Follow the line between your navel and the pubic bone located in the middle of your abdomen. Apply pressure at the middle of this line. The pressure should be directed towards the spine for 20-30 seconds.

The fourth point is on your hand
Form a fist with your palm and you will notice two distinguished vessels on the inside of the forearm. You will notice a dent on your arm, next to the wrist. Apply pressure on the spot located about two widths of your thumb to the elbow, between the vessels. Apply pressure for 20-30 seconds.