Back, Joint and Legs Pain? This Vitamin Deficiency Is Causing It And How To Get Rid of It In 7 Days

Back, Joint and Legs Pain? This Vitamin Deficiency Is Causing It And How To Get Rid of It In 7 Days
Back pain, and especially lower back pain is one of the most common complaints reported in physicians’ offices. Causes of this pain are variable, but patients are usually treated by standard painkillers, which include steroidal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (SAIDs and NSAIDs). Sometimes, vitamin B supplements are added to the treatment. However, recent studies suggest that the cause of the back pain can sometimes be vitamin D deficiency, which is usually not given any attention in patients with these symptoms.

What Is Vitamin D?
Vitamin D is a liposoluble vitamin (dissolvable in fat) which is both ingested and produced in the body. It is contained in fish, cod liver oil, mushrooms, cereals, and other food, but its daily intake is evidently insufficient in most people. Synthesis of vitamin D in the body begins in the skin by the help of UVB spectrum of sunlight, and then continues in liver and finally finishes in kidneys where the most active form of Vitamin D is produced. This vitamin is necessary for calcium absorption from the intestines and plays an important role in calcium metabolism in general.

What Can Cause Vitamin D Deficiency?
Scientists have shown endemic occurring of vitamin D deficiency. In other words, people living in locations with less sunlight over the year, suffer more commonly from vitamin D deficiency. This is especially true for northern regions with low number of sunny days during the year. Not eating enough fish and other foods that contain vitamin D can also be the cause of deficiency.

How Is Back Pain Related To Vitamin D Deficiency?
Vitamin D plays an important role in calcium and phosphate metabolism, which make the main constituents of bone tissue and cartilage. Spinal vertebrae are in very close proximity to spinal nerves and their branches. When bone metabolism is inadequate, complex dynamic movements of the spine can cause micro-injuries to intervertebral discs which can put the pressure on the nerves nearby. This produces pain which can be acute or chronic.

In order to prevent back pain as a result of vitamin D deficiency, one should first assess vitamin D blood level and start vitamin D supplementation.

What Other Disorders Result from Vitamin D Deficiency?
During the past few decades, vitamin D has received much attention due to more and more scientific evidences that it pays several important roles in the body. Besides the role in bone metabolism, it has also been recognized as an anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and imunomodulatory agent. Higher incidence of vitamin D deficiency was found in patients with autoimmune diseases, neurological disorders, cancer, rheumatic diseases, and also psychiatric disorders, such as depression.

Recipe That Can Help You To Remove Back, Joints And Legs Pain in 7 Days

How to Prepare It
Ingredients that you need:
– 150 grams of gelatin (the edible kind)
– Cold water

These ingredients will go on for a month.
Pour five grams of gelatin into one 1/4 cup of cold water. Stir the mixture a little bit and let it sit till the morning. Do not refrigerated it because the gelatin will turn to jelly if you place it into the refrigerator overnight.
Take this dosage every morning on an empty stomach and you will start noticing the beneficial effect of this miraculous drink after the first week. Keep on drinking this mixture for a month for permanent results. It might not be necessary to repeat this process but you may if you want after six months. If you don’t like the taste of this drink you can add a little bit of honey, juice or yogurt.

You May Ask Why is This Effective?
Many are hesitant about this wonder recipe because they either don’t know or they have forgotten
that the gelatin is obtain through the processing of livestock’s connective tissue, which may include collagen, bones, tendons and cartilage. Gelatin consist of two forms of amino acids, hidrosiprolin and proline, which help in the recovery of the connective tissues.

Gelatin not only is good for your joints, but it also improves your immune system, metabolism and mental ability. Regular consummation of gelatin can strengthen your heart muscles and can make your tendons and ligaments elastic and much stronger. It also help in preventing osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.