You Will Never Again Put a Slice of Lemon in Your Drink After You Read This Information!

You Will Never Again Put a Slice of Lemon in Your Drink After You Read This Information!
Putting a slice of lemon in a glass of water or some other drink is a common practice worldwide. However, have you ever thought that you were actually absorbing much more unwanted compounds in your organism?

During a research conducted by the Journal of Environmental Health, the researchers examined 76 lemons gathered from 21 restaurants which they visited 43 times. Moreover, they discovered that 70 percent of the lemons contained microorganisms. The specimens were gathered after the drink was served, before someone drank it or any other type of physical contact. However, the origin of the microorganisms was not known.

Although it is known that lemon has some antibacterial properties, the results showed that the vast amount of microorganisms can persevere even in an uncut lemon. The owners of restaurants and coffee bars need to be aware that they expose the visitors to potential pathogenic microorganisms when they put a slice of lemon in their drinks, according to the study. Phillip Tierno, a professor of microbiology and pathology in the medical sector of NYU School of Medicine, conducted ten similar researches.

Namely, he noticed that a lot of personnel work in unhygienic surroundings, and besides this, they are in constant contact with other ingredients or they have washed dishes and then touched the food and the lemon without gloves or without washing their hands. What’s more, bacteria can be transferred to the lemon if the hands are not washed after going to the bathroom, sneezing or coughing. Also, the professor claims that there exists a slight possibility of the consumer to develop a potential disease. Additionally, similar microorganisms are present in the small salt, oil or ketchup containers, as well as on the eating utensils.