You Need To Stop Using These Products On A Daily Basis Since They Are Harmful!

You Need To Stop Using These Products On A Daily Basis Since They Are Harmful!
By using certain products every day, we think that we improve our health and wellbeing but we actually do the opposite: we damage the organism and prevent it from properly functioning. These are some of those products:

Eye drops
Even if you look as if you have been drinking all night long (or you actually were), avoid using eye drops for redness removal on a daily basis since they can cover up serious problems such as allergies or irritation caused by wearing lenses, and your eyes will be constantly red. Nevertheless, using eye drops from time to time is not harmful, but if you suffer from frequent eye redness, it is for the best to consult a professional and find out the true reason behind it and begin with an adequate treatment.

Antibacterial soap
A lot of people buy and use this product since they think it will protect their organism from unwanted pathologic influences. However, the label “antibacterial” means nothing since the organism takes good care of itself. Also, not all bacteria are harmful. Therefore, excessive use of such products can decrease the immune strength of the organism. So, regular soap and water are enough to clean your hands.

Face tonics are used after removing makeup so that the pH of the skin returns. But if your makeup removal product does not endanger the pH of the skin, then you do not need the tonic. Instead of the tonic you can use mild soaps with antibacterial properties, whereas if your skin is oily, then use a tonic without alcohol.

These dietary supplements are not meant for healthy people who do not suffer from vitamin insufficiency. In fact, additional and excessive use of vitamins can only harm the organism. For example, a lot of vitamin A can damage the liver, whereas excessive amounts of vitamin C can lead to kidney stone or diarrhea. Therefore, if you do not experience problems related to vitamin deficiency, it is enough to intake fruits and vegetables.

Mouthwash products
Bad breath is usually a sign of some dental problem or other issues related to the digestive tract. Covering up the odor with a mouthwash will not solve the problem. In this case you need to consult your dentist who will find out whether you have some teeth problems or problems with other parts of the organism. Moreover, washing your teeth two times per day, flossing and regular visits to the dentist should be enough.

Aromatized female products
Aromatized products are not recommended for daily use since they can be too strong and can cause infections or irritations. Such products that you need to avoid are intimate care products, scented tampons, sprays or daily pads. Replace these products with mild soaps and water for external use only.

Products for cold prevention
If your nose is runny, you need not to immediately drink vitamin C or different powders meant for cold prevention. Also, you have to be very careful with nose sprays, especially the ones which are zinc-based, since they can damage your sense of smell, even permanently in some cases. What you need to do is to wash your hands regularly, especially in the season of flues and colds.