What Happens To Your Organism If You Frequently Consume Processed Meat Products?

 Meat Products?
Processed meat products such as hotdogs, sausages or salami are rich in calories, fats and salt. Therefore, regular consumption (few times per week) endangers your organism i.e. you are prone to obesity, diabetes, heart diseases or cancer.

You have probably heard that processed meat is bad for your wellbeing, but you will realize the danger after you feel the consequences on your own. Processed meat is every meat product that has undergone the process of salting and chemical treatments which prolong their expiration date.


As we mentioned previously, processed meat products are filled with salt, calories and fats. Excessive amount of salt in your body leads to water retention and flatulence. Moreover, you will intake more salt and fat in your organism if you eat these meat products combined with cheese, mayonnaise and other similar products. Another problem arising from consuming these products is slower function of the digestive system and laziness and, instead of going out for a walk or some other physical activity, your energy is decreased and you will want to lie down or take a nap.

Heart diseases

The burden created when you eat a hotdog or some other processed meat product is immense since you intake three times more the amount of salt that when you eat one sandwich with chicken meat. Furthermore, big amounts of salt are dangerous since salt weakens your blood vessels which leads to numerous cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, your body is not capable of processing such amounts of salt and the accumulated water due to the piled up salt increases the blood flow and the bigger the blood flow, the more blood does your heart have to pump to your arteries.


Research showed signs of danger from the nitrite present in the processed meat products. What’s more, the diabetes experts claim that this compound lowers the insulin secretion and negatively affects the level of glucose in the blood. Also, doctors claim that even one sausage or two slices of salami increases the risk from diabetes for 34 percent.


Swedish scientists found out that those who frequently consume processed meat products have increased risk from stomach cancer. Long-term research showed that people who intake these types of products have 67 percent higher chance of suffering from pancreatic cancer in relation to those who do not consume such foods or those who rarely do.

Medical experts advise that if you are not able to give up on processed meat products you need to consume them only once in 10 days.