This Amazing Recipes That Made Pharmaceutical Industy Very Angry!

This Amazing Recipes That Made Pharmaceutical Industy Very Angry!
Honey is the only food in the world that has no expiration date, but can be crystallized after long stay in a cool place. Certainly, most of drug companies don’t like recipes that include this unique food product which in addition to cinnamon works great on the human body and helps with treating a range of diseases. Natural recipes that will help  you to revitalize your body and remove a multitude of problems.

Heart disease

Prepare a paste of honey and cinnamon powder every day and eat it for breakfast. It can be spread on a slice of bread instead of spreads that you normally consume. This combination reduces the cholesterol in the arteries and prevents heart attacks, reduces breathlessness during physical stress and strengthens the heart.


People suffering from this disease every day can consume a beverage made from a cup of hot water to which are added two spoons of honey and one tablespoon cinnamon. This drink is consumed in the morning and in the evening, a regular intake can heal and chronic arthritis.

Bladder infection

Cure this inconvenient disease with two spoons of cinnamon and a tablespoon of honey that you put in a glass of lukewarm water. This combination destroys the germs in the bladder.


The potion is made of two tablespoons of honey and three teaspoons of cinnamon that is added to a pint of water, and this compound is useful for those suffering from high cholesterol. Studies have shown that this preparation reduces blood cholesterol by ten percent within an hour.


You are worried about the flu? Solve it with a tablespoon of warm honey and a pinch of cinnamon. This combination you should use every day over a period of three days, besides that it will solve these annoying illnesses will cleanse your sinuses.


Any rashes or inflammation of the skin can be removed so that they are coated with a mixture of cinnamon and honey that you mix in an equal ratio.


Recent studies conducted in Japan and the US discovered that even the most difficult cancers such as bowel cancer or bone can heal. People who suffer from these types of cancer should take one teaspoon of tea and one teaspoon of cinnamon three times a day for about a month