They live to 120 years, give birth at 65 and they do not have tumor! This is how!

They live to 120 year
If you visit them, you will notice that the Hunza people are always smiling and always looking strong. They look very young and you will be shocked when someone tells you his age. The main food in their diet is the apricot. It’s like they are coming from another planet. Their home is the mountains in Northern Pakistan. Their population is around 87,000 and they are special because they live an average of 100 years. A big part of them lives up to 120 years without any health problems at all. There are reports that some of them lived up to 160 years. They don’t know what are tumors, they look young and the women can even give birth at 65.

We can learn from them how proper diet and lifestyle affect our body. They are bathing in cold water, even if it is below zero. They produce their own food and don’t eat any imported goods. They consume raw vegetables and fruits, nuts, dried apricots, many different cereals (millet, buckwheat and barley), legumes and rarely cheese, milk and eggs.

They walk a lot but eat little

They never eat snack, only breakfast and lunch. They pass 15-20 kilometers a day by walking. They don’t eat meat very often only twice a year and they consume little lamb or chicken through the year. And they smile a lot.

In a period of 2-4 months they don’t eat anything, but only a juice of dried apricot. It is in their old tradition and they respect it. They are fasting in the period when the fruit are not ripe yet. Some doctors recognize that their diet and periods of fasting are to blame for their health and long life.

The high amounts of apricots keep them safe from tumor appearance. The apricot seeds are loaded with B-17 which is anti-cancer agent. They also make oil from the apricot seed which is considered as one of the healthiest oils in the world. But its usage should be taken with great care because high amounts could be dangerous. Their wealth is measured by the amount of apricot trees. But, today they are exposed to the unhealthy processed food that comes from outside and it started to cause gastrointestinal problems which are new appearance for them.

These extraordinary people are descendants of Alexander the Great and his Macedonian army. Some soldiers stayed in their village and got married with Hunza women. There was a story released in 1984 about Said Abdul Mobudu from Hunza people who arrived in London and the officers at the airport were astonished when saw that he was born in 1832.