As Soon as You Try This 3-Ingredient Syrup, You’ll Never Go Back to Over-the-Counter Medicines Against Flu and Colds

1 organic lemon, unpeeled 2 ginger pieces some honey

With the cold and flu season approaching, hacking coughs is something you’ll be seeing more often. But colds and flu aren’t the only problems that cause coughing. Allergies, asthma, acid reflux, dry air, and smoking are common causes of coughs as well.

When you feel a sore throat coming on, raid your pantry instead of your medicine cabinet to prepare affordable all-natural cough remedies that really work.

This folk remedy contains only three ingredients, and is quite easy to prepare.


● 1 organic lemon, unpeeled
● 2 ginger pieces
● some honey


● Chop the lemon and ginger slices.
● Put these in a jar but leave a little room at the top.
● Add the honey, filling the jar to the top.
● Leave the jar in the refrigerator for the ingredients to blend well.
● You can consume the syrup directly – one teaspoon before breakfast or you can add it to your favorite tea as soon as it cools off in order to preserve the medicinal properties of hone, which are lost in hot water.

This syrup has an antibacterial effect and is extremely effective against colds and flu. It is particularly beneficial for relieving a sore throat.

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