Miracle Of The Chinese Medicine, Massages This Point Every Day And See What Happens In Your Body

Miracle Of The Chinese Medicine, Massages This Point Every Day And See What Happens In Your Body
Women tend to be more sensitive than men. There are several reasons such as stress, bad food, no sleep the appropriate hours, chronic fatigue among other things.

There are thousands of methods that make a women will see beautiful physically but on this occasion I bring the great secret of the Chinese medicine, with this you’ll have an excellent health until old age.

The secret this is the point San Yin Jiao which is important in the field of acupuncture.

You need to know find the point in your legs, this is located in the inner part of the tibia of both legs.

How to locate the point SAN YIN Jiao
You need to put four fingers from the bone of the ankle, in the inner part of the legs and on the index finger here is the point. It is easy to locate and very important to begin the massage.

Found the point we can begin to massage, the best thing about this is that you can be in any place, any time of the day, but it is recommended to be in the night to rest. This massage is only takes 10 minutes.

You can go by giving massage on both legs or go by alternating them and even you can hit the point so as to stimulate the vitality of the body.

This massage you can do daily, you can notice fabulous results with persistence and perseverance.

Benefits to carry out this massage

Regulates the menstrual cycle
This method helps women improve their irregular cycle and vein its month to month, avoiding the use of medical treatments, moving away from menopause and maintaining your youth.

Elasticity of the skin
If our spleen is working properly, this is reflected in the vigor and elasticity of the skin. When we do this massage our skin we appreciated.

Improves sexual desire
If a woman suffers from hormonal problems, feels attracted to your sex life is affected, in carrying out this massage your sensuality returns to shine.

Activates the ovaries and the uterus
If you’re trying to get pregnant this massage helps to stimulate the ovaries and that movement is concentrated in the uterus.

Stabilizes the gastrointestinal tract
If you have any swelling or intestinal disorder this massage regulates these uncomfortable sensations like those produced by menstruation.