Dog Carries Baby Home From Local Dump And Becomes A Hero

dog and baby
In many cases animals show more humanity than many people ever will. A lot of animals, especially dogs, have done some pretty amazing, admirable and heroic acts.

This is a story about a dog who saved a baby’s life. It Thailand, a baby was saved from the trash dump, by a dog named Pui. One day Pui found a plastic bag in the dump that had a baby in it. It seems like Pui knew that there was a baby in the bag, so he brought it home and gave the bag to his owner. Seeing that there was a baby in the bag, the owner immediately took the baby to the hospital and informed the authorities. We can freely say that Pui is a hero. For his good deed he was rewarded with a new leather collar and a medal from the Red Cross for saving the baby’s life!

If you want to see the full version of this truly amazing and touching story, watch the video bellow!