Your Fingers Can Predict Everything! Take a Look at Your Hands – You Will Learn a Lot About Yourself

It is believed that fingers can say a lot about penis size or sexual orientation. Is it true?

Big hands, Big You-Know-What?
Rumor has it that long fingers are an indication of a long ‘package’. Is it just a belief or what? What can a man’s hand tell us?

A recent study at a university in South Korea says that men with longer ring fingers have larger testicles as well. This also means that men with longer ring fingers enjoy higher fertility because larger testicles signify higher sperm count.

Testosterone Exposure
Testosterone exposure happens throughout the second trimester in the womb. A ring finger that is considerably longer than an index finger signifies that someone was exposed to a high testosterone amount while in the womb. Does this affect people, or it is just connected to a larger penis in men?

The levels of testosterone can have an effect on personality traits for both genders.

The ring finger can tell a lot about your temper, your appearance, high income or even your endurance. Many successful stockbrokers have higher testosterone levels than others.

Risk Factors
However, having high testosterone levels in men or women is not always easy. It can cause a predisposition towards verbal aggression, which may lead to many unwanted situations in one’s life. Meaning, men with higher testosterone levels have greater chances of involving in risky behavior.

Moreover, even osteoarthritis of the knees shows more in those people with higher testosterone.

Is it related to sexual orientation?
Ring finger may be an indicator of sexual orientation, according to some studies. Women who identified as lesbians were more likely to have longer ring finger.

Will you be judged by your fingers?
With all this information that can be discovered from fingers, maybe employers will start looking at potential employee’s fingers instead going through their CV.

Ah, science…what will they think of next?