This is The Best Tincture in The World – It is The power of Comfrey That Helps Everyone

This is The Best Tincture in The World
Power of comfrey is best described in the popular saying: “If two fingers were tied together with comfrey’s root lamellas, they will grow together healthy”.

This scruffy, black on the outside and white or yellowish on the inside root helps almost with everything!

In case of broken bone, or festered bone, growths on nails, hands and legs, varicose veins, open veins, pain in the neck, amputated legs, aching limbs after break of bone and after removal of the plaster, pain in the lower spine, pain in shoulders, elbows and knees, a problem with osteoporosis, various growths, bearing soles of your feet to hip, hemorrhoids, rheumatic thickening of the muscles and impaired circulation.

All types of injuries, bites, bruises, wounds and clots blood are healedwith comfreytincture made from the root.

Comfrey contains hormone auxin that with ease creates new tissue so the wound heals quickly.The allantoin as the main active ingredient of the root stimulates granulation and regeneration of tissue. Comfrey is indispensable when the question is inflammatory tissue, inflamed joints, arthritis, disorders, contusions, hematoma, thrombophlebitis and other.

Comfrey tincture occupies a place of honor in cosmetics for face and hands. The feature of this tincture is to renovate and relax the skin, especially wrinkles around the eyes.

After a long use of tincture, the face and hands become completely regenerated.

Tincture of comfrey showed great at treating inflamed nerves – where any part of the body that is sick is sensitive to touch, and mapping to the peripheral nerves.

“Comfreytincture contains great power. For the sick who for years unsuccessfullytreated joints and Rehum by all possible means, tincture of comfrey will quickly help! “- Mary Demand argues in the book of God’s Herbs pharmacy.

Recipe for tincture of comfrey:

Put 100 g root comfrey in 700 ml strong brandy or liquor in a plastic bottle, and put it horizontally to lay down on aflat grown for 14 days.

Shake the bottle every third day 

After 14 days, strain and store in a dark glass bottle in a cool place.

With this tincture massage thepainful area three times daily.

Homeopaths claim that there is no person to whom this tincture did not help.

* Pure alcohol tincture instead of brandy gives odorless. Comfrey with brandy has little odor and this tincture is sticky.

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