An Amazing Folk Remedy For Many Diseases – Therapy With Honey And Herba Tea

An Amazing Folk Remedy For Many Diseases – Therapy With Honey And Herba Tea

– This therapy should be used for 10 weeks according to a specific scheme..

Do you like honey? Have you heard that it you store properly, honey can last for 1000 years in perfect condition?

The effect of honey on the human body primarily relates to antibacterial properties and its power to purify the body. Honey contains formic acid and destroys harmful microorganisms, strengthens immunity, it is easy to digest and to be absorbed.

Here you will read about therapy with honey and herbal tea, which is a folk remedy for many diseases and for cleaning the human body. On a daily basis, modern man faces numerous problems that feel chronic fatigue, exhaustion, stress, anemia and poor nutrition along with exhausts the body, after which perform diseases.

This treatment lasts for 10 weeks, or 70 days and is conducted according to a certain pattern:

Three times a day you should drink tea sips (never at once), half cup (100ml) herbal tea made from ½ teaspoon yarrow and ½ tsp chamomile.

This tea is needed to be consumed one hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner, and in this tea you add the following amount of honey:

1st week: ½ tsp honey in each cup of tea

2nd week: 1 tsp honey in each cupof tea

3rd week: 1 ½ tsphoney in each cup of tea

From 4th to 7th week: 2 tsphoney in each cup of tea

8th week: 1 ½ tsphoney in each cup of tea

9th week: 1 tsphoney in each cup of tea

10th week: ½ tsphoney in each cup of tea

The best way to prepare is to make the tea in the morning and to add the necessary amount of honey for that day. Take the morning dose, and store the rest of the tea in a thermos.

This therapy will give you visible improvements of genera heath. During this treatment, it is recommended not to eat too much meat or drink too much alcohol. If possible reduce or quit cigarettes.

This combination of honey and tea is designed to purify your body and in the same time to convey the best ingredients of honey in an idea way that fits the body. According to the testimony of numerous users, this therapy has helped in treatment of numerous diseases.