How to Look 10 Years Younger in Only 10 minutes!

before after 10 years
You need small changes to feel better and more beautiful, and at the same time you will look much younger.

Use base makeup

Women are often in the wrong by applying big amounts of decorative cosmetics hoping to achieve a younger look. But, they actually look older, so it is important to know that the best choice is –minimum makeup i.e. obligatory base makeup and small amounts of loose powder.

Under eye concealer

One of the reasons why you look older is due to the dark circles under the eyes which become more and more accented as years go by. The concealer will hide the scars and the dark circles, but be careful not to exaggerate with the concealer- try avoiding difference in color between the area around the eyes and the remaining part of the face.

Choose clothes in accordance with your body

Besides the face, your clothes will also look younger. A lot of women, due to age, stop following trends and wear clothes which make them look older.

Say goodbye to body hair

Although waxing is not the most natural thing in the world, a clean face, without visible hairs will make you look younger. Use wax and take care of your eyebrows and darken any “weird” hairs on your cheeks and your face will look much younger and soft.

New haircut

Try something different. Ask your hairstylist about hairstyles that can make you look younger and ones that will be in accordance with your face shape.

Face mask

If you want to remove ten years from your face, and you do not want to use makeup, it is important to regularly apply face mask. Before applying a mask, make a pilling in order to open up the pores.

A lighter lipstick

Darker lips will only accentuate the problematic face parts. Pastel, dimmer and lighter lipsticks are absolute must-have products if you want to achieve a younger look.


Last, but not least laughing. A smiley face momentarily looks younger.

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