We Give an Answer on 9 Questions that Have Bothered You For Years

If there are questions that have sometimes bothered you and no one knew the answer, maybe you will find the answer for some of them in our text. For example, why we crave fatty foods when we are experiencing a hangover, why our fingertips become wrinkled when we are in water…
There are several questions which every one of us has, but never wanted to ask someone. We hope that this list will provide some answers for those questions that have “bothered” you for years.

Why are the veins blue if our blood is red?

Firstly, our blood is always red, no matter what you have heard. The reason why our veins look blue is due to the different wavelengths of light with different proportions of your skin. Blue light is absorbed into the blood, and afterwards it reflects backwards.

Why do most of the singers lose their accent when they sing?

Phonetics and rhythm often make singers lose their accent when they are singing. It is because they are forced to accent some syllables and make words longer. Аs a result it seems that most people sound as if they are from the same region.

Why do we crave fatty foods when we are experiencing a hangover?

When you drink, your body produces more chemicals in the brain called Galanin. And, galanin in return increases the appetite for fats, and therefore you will want extra fatty bacon and puree or French fries.

Why does eating turkey make us sleepy?

The tryptophan in the turkey is not what tires us, but simply the amount of food we eat. In contrary you would fall asleep every time you eat a turkey sandwich.

Why we have great ideas when we are showering?

You often have great ideas when you are not focused on anything in particular, and the shower is the proper place for that. Most of the people do not think a lot about their shower routine, so their brain is free to wander.

What is the function of eyebrows?

They actually have several functions; firstly, they are amazingly useful since they show emotions of people towards other people. However, a little more practical function is to serve as sweat shield, so, if you sweat a lot and the sweat drips downwards, they will protect your eyes.

Why do our fingertips wrinkle when we are in water?

Scientists believe that toes and fingers wrinkle up since this is a way to improve the control over water. It gives our fingers a kind of a tread, similar to the one which tires have, creating a much better adaptation when things are slippery.

Is tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

Technically, it is a fruit since it has its own seeds. The Supreme Court of USA has qualified it as a plant.

Why are some countries called entirely differently in different languages?

Languages were created before the notion of countries, so the names of countries were often created according to the way how people, who inhabited the region, called the place.

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