Try This Remedy And Mosquitoes Will Run Away From You! (Only The Mosquitoes!)

Home remedies

As the summer comes together with it come the most annoying insects- mosquitoes. From their bites many people get creeps skin.

In this post we will provide you with a recipe that will help you keep these insects away from you and your house. Prepare it and enjoy the evenings in your garden without being disturbed by a single mosquito.

You will not have to spend money for it, because its ingredients can be found in every home.



• Shampoo
• Natural vinegar with concentration of 9% ( do not use syntactic acid)
• Natural vegetable oil (your choice)


Mix well equal amount of all the above mentioned ingredients. After this you should get a preparation similar to white emulsion. Use this to anoint you body each time before going out and your problem will be resolved.