The Most Powerful Remedy That Can Boost Lung Health and Heal Respiratory Infections

Thyme and Honey

Thyme and Honey combined are the best remedy for respiratory issues. If you are facing any respiratory problems, you should try the following recipe.

ou know how important organs are the lungs and the respiratory system in body. Your lung’s function is breathing, which is vital. Thyme is usually used in pasta sauces, soups or meat rubs. It was also used by the ancient Egyptians for preserving the dead, and by the ancient Greeks as a source of courage.

Thyme has plenty medical characteristics. The tannins, bitters, essential oil, terpenes, flavonoids and saponins are the phytochemicals in thyme. The oil has antimicrobial characteristics and boosts the immune system. Thyme reduces aging thanks to its antioxidants. When thyme is used internally it is helpful for respiratory, digestive, genitourinary and other systems diseases.

Respiratory remedy


• ¼ jar honey
• 20 grams of dried thyme

• Mix the herb with the honey.
• Mix it well and keep the jar in a warm area for two weeks.
• When the two weeks have passed, filtrate the composite .
• Consume ½ tablespoon twice at day in order to alleviate respiratory diseases.