Miracle Salve - Natural Ointment that Cures Many Diseases

Miracle Salve - Natural Ointment that Cures Many Diseases
We bring you the recipe for this “miraculous ointment” from one popular Russian website of alternative medicine. This ointment is very easy to prepare and also is very effective. This “miraculous ointment” is able to cure many diseases.

People use this salve to cure bronchitis, otitis media, pharyngitis, swelling, bruises, open wounds, cracks on the hands and feet, sore ovaries, trophic ulcers, female diseases. This ointment has been used successfully for burns.

Depending on the disease this ointment needs to be rub on the affected place or to be put as a trim. It can even be used for internal use. In that case you need to take half a teaspoon three times a day before meals. Have no worries this ointment is absolutely harmless.

Necessary ingredients:

• 1 egg
• 400 ml of vegetable oil
• piece of beeswax – about 60 grams (about the size of a two matchboxes)

Firs of all cook the egg. You will take only need the yolk. Peel the boiled egg and mash the yolk a little bit.Take one sauce pan and fill it with oil. In it add a piece of wax. Put it on low heat and wait until the wax has melted.  When the wax has melted you will hear “crackling”. As soon as you hear this take the yolk and using your fingers drop a bit by bit in the sauce pan. The oil will begin to foam, so be prepared to quickly remove the sauce pan from the heat. As soon as the oil is cooled a little bit, put it again on the stove. Continue to throw the yolk until the end and stir it constantly with a spoon. You will notice that the mixture will change color and it will become dark brown. Remove the sauce pan from heat and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then strain it well and throw the yolk crumbs. When the ointment has cooled, place it in a glass jar and close well with a lid. The ointment is to be stored in the refrigerator for up to 10 months.

This ointment is very efficient. One thing you need to remember if the ointment is used for trimming, it is necessary to warm it up on a water steam (at approximately 40 degrees).

This balm heals:


Melt the ointment in a spoon and pour it immediately into the pipette. In order not to get the ointment tightened, do this really quickly. Pour some drops in the nose twice daily with an interval of one hour. Doctors claim that you can get rid of the monthly sinusitis this way. The ointment “breaks through” the sinuses and draws all the pus with great intensity.

Purulent otitis

Bent piece of cotton and dip it in the ointment. Put this in your ear. Take another piece of cotton if necessary, so that you can lubricate ear well. The ointment brings out all the pus. In this way you can treat all otitis, not only purulent.

Purulent angina, abscesses in the throat, tonsillitis.

Put the ointment on the throat and put the padding on the neck. If you do this in the evening, repeat the procedure 2-3 times and in the morning the abscess will burst.

Bronchitis, pain in the stomach, intestines, ulcers on the body

Take half a teaspoon of this ointment three times a day before meals.

Women diseases: fibromyoma to 10 weeks, ovarian cysts, inflammation, mastitis

Put tampons in the vagina with the ointment on them every morning and every evening. There are claims that after only ten days, from the cysts will remain only memories. For fibromyoma it takes a little bit longer. When you are treating mastitis,put a paper napkin, dipped in ointment on the breast above the napkin put nylon bags. It is recommended to replace the napkins every 2 hours.

Burns, ulcers, wounds, swelling, toothache

Apply some of the ointment on the affected area, wrap it and leave it overnight. You can only use a swab, soaked in ointment, if the wounds are not big. You will be surprised results!
In case of toothache – apply some of the ointment on affected tooth or the gums, and the pain will disappear.

Trophic ulcers, gangrene

Soak a towel with the ointment compress it on the affected area. You’ll need to replace the towels every two hours.


Make a gauze tampon, place it in the anus and leave it overnight. You’ll get results within 10 days.

Joint pain

Apply some ointment on some gauze, wrap them over the affected joints, and leave them overnight.

Strengthens the nails

Apply some of the ointment on your nails, and leave it overnight.