10 Bright Reasons to Start Drinking Lemon Juice

The health benefits of lemon juice are staggering– get a lemon and read on!

I have loved lemon juice since I was young. I hated lemonade with sugar, but I would drink the lemon juice concentrate straight from the bottle just so I could enjoy that puckering sensation of something WAY too sour. Turns out my drinking pure lemon juice was a good thing!

Lemon juice is one of the healthiest juices around, and you’ll find that it can do wonders for your health.

Heal Sore Throats – Have you ever wondered why your mother made you hot tea with honey when you had a sore throat? That’s because lemon juice can help to fight the infection causing the sore throat, and the honey helps to soothe the pain. Drinking lemon juice can help to cure your sore throat quickly.
Deal with Kidney Stones -- Worried that you’ve got kidney stones? Drink a bit more lemon juice every day, and you can get rid of them effectively! Half a cup of lemon juice a day raises the citrate levels in your urine, and this helps to reduce the buildup of calcium in your kidneys that is responsible for kidney stone formation.
Fight Itching -- Got bitten by a mosquito and can’t beat the itch? Rubbed up against poison ivy and now you’re scratching like mad? Rub a bit of lemon juice onto the itchy spot, and let the anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties of the lemon juice help to soothe your itching and get rid of the infection.
Kick Start Your Metabolism – When you start your day with a glass of lemon water or lemon juice, you’ll get your metabolism firing first thing in the morning. Lemon juice stimulates your digestive tract to work more efficiently, and it is a great way to boost your energy levels in the early AM the natural way.
Promote Weight Loss — Lemon juice is one of the oldest weight loss remedies in the book, thanks to the fact that lemons contain pectin, a type of fiber that suppresses your appetite and boosts your metabolism. Start your day off with a glass of warm lemon water, have a couple of glasses of sugar-free lemonade throughout the day, and you’ll find your weight loss efforts are more effective.

Boost Digestion -- Lemon juice speeds up your body’s natural waste elimination, helping you to overcome digestive problems more quickly.
Balance your pH -- While lemon is very tangy, it’s actually a food that will promote a health alkaline balance in your body. If you’re worried that your pH balance is off, drink lemon juice to help get it back in balance.
Fight Cancer -- Lemon juice is one of the best sources of Vitamin C, which helps to fight cancer. The liminoids in lemon juice helps to protect your cells, preventing the cellular damage that is known to lead to cancer. Drink more lemon juice to reduce your risk of cancer forming or spreading in your body.
Fight Fevers -- Worried that your fever is spiking too high? Drink a mixture of lemon juice, honey, warm water, and cream of tartar, and get that fever back under control. You no longer need to let the fever burn itself out, but lemon juice can help to fight it.
Reduce Water Retention -- Beat the bloat and puffiness by drinking lemon juice every day. Lemons are a great source of potassium, which helps to eliminate water and reduce bloating and puffiness.