Evening Primrose Oil for Acne

Evening Primrose Oil for Acne

Evening primrose oil for acne is one of the lesser known solutions to help to heal your stubborn acne. One of the main causes for flare ups of stubborn acne is hormonal acne. If you have acne on your chin, this might be the due to hormonal changes. What causes hormonal changes? Well, if you are a teenager, you may notice this type of acne more, due to puberty (ladies, if you are going through your menstruation cycle!). It can take months, and even sometimes years to figure out that hormonal fluctuations are causing your stubborn acne. The solution: evening primrose oil (EPO). EPO will help treat acne cause by hormonal changes in your body by balancing out your hormones. There are many other benefits to taking evening primrose oil: it helps your nails and hair grow stronger, while helping make your skin overall more moisturized and supple.
So, what exactly is evening primrose oil, and what makes it so beneficial for you?

Evening primrose oil is actually a synonym for Oenothera Binnis, which is a herbaceous flowering plant. Evening primrose oil has many benefits as it contains the pain reliving compound phenylalanine. EPO contains a high amount of GLA (gamma-linoleic acid), which is a fatty acid largely responsible for the healing properties in this organic oil, making it great for natural skin care. It contains a certain acid essential to cell structure: linoleic acid (see also: Grapeseed Oil for Skin). As mentioned previously, EPO also has hormonal balancing properties which helps with imbalance caused due to menstruation, puberty, menopause, PMS, and can help in the creation of healthy breast tissue.

EPO also helps cure acne by thinning out the sebum (oil that is secreted by your pores) that blocks your pores and causes acne. When this oil gets too thick, the pores on your face have a harder time clearing out the sebaceous oils. Stressed out? Acne is also caused by stress, and taking EPO can help nerve function and regulate your mood too!
What kind of primrose oil should you buy?

You should go for hexane free EPO. You can tell if the EPO is hexane free by checking the label. You can take it orally or apply it directly onto your skin. You will most likely notice the most benefits by doing both or at least by taking the EPO orally. Don’t ever exceed the amount you take when decide to go this route. You can purchase evening primrose oil here.
Some people have reported getting healthier over all skin, nails and hair due to taking evening primrose oil. See for yourself and let me know your results in the comments below.